Founded in 2000 Casa Espresso has grown to become one of the most respected independently owned coffee supply companies in Yorkshire. Learn more about our story and underlying passion for high quality coffee.

For over 30 years, the Di Rienzo family has been associated with the restaurant and catering industry. During that time, we have seen what makes successful restaurants work, and understand the level of quality required to ensure customers return for more. Unfortunately, we have also seen (and tasted) some pretty appalling coffees. As proud Italians, that really annoys us, especially as the latest espresso machines make it so easy to produce fantastic coffee drinks.

Yearning for the high quality coffees served back in Italy, we decided to take action. In 2000, we formed Casa Espresso, and made it our mission to bring the very best Italian espresso machines, blends, and coffee shop products to our neighbours in West Yorkshire.

We began by returning to our homeland, where we visited the Sanremo factory, and learned how to service their professional coffee making machines. Having mastered our servicing skills, we arranged to become the authorised suppliers of Sanremo coffee machines in West Yorkshire.

With this partnership in place, we turned our attention to finding the best authentic coffee blends and all of those accessories that complete the experience of an authentic café. Having examined the quality and range of items available, after many trials and tribulations we partnered with an experienced local coffee roaster, keeping strong ties with local businesses and allowing us to work in close contact to provide the best possible coffee for our customers.

And so, with expert knowledge of Sanremo espresso machines (and traditional espresso machines too), and links with Manuel Caffé, we returned to West Yorkshire, confident that we had everything in place to revitalise local cafés and restaurants. Soon they would thrive, thanks to the Casa Espresso Italian coffee experience.

As you would expect, it was other Italian businesses that first sought to invest in our coffee machines, services, and coffee products. Like us, they knew that West Yorkshire was ready for a new, superior range of coffee drinks. As the Italian-run restaurants began to thrive, other businesses took notice. Their owners tried the coffee for themselves and were astounded by its consistently high quality. Within a few months, cafés, restaurants, and bars of all types were clamouring for our Sanremo espresso machines and sublime coffees.

Casa Van Casa Espresso has grown quickly, and already has a reputation for providing premium quality espresso machines and supplies, as well as an equally excellent and friendly service.

But, while we have been successful, there is still so much more we want to achieve – there are still businesses out there serving inferior coffee, and suffering as a result. It is those businesses that we want to help and at the end of 2014 we invested in a small batch roaster, and have started roasting our own speciality coffees, becoming Bradford’s first Micro Roastery.

So, if your establishment hasn´t experienced the benefit of authentic Italian coffee, now is the time to act. Contact Casa Espresso now, and we will help you choose the right espresso machine for your premises, and show you just what your business is missing out on. Remember, we are the only authorised supplier of Sanremo coffee machines in West Yorkshire, and we provide everything you need to serve fabulous Italian coffee – the blend, the machine and servicing, barista training, and a range of authentic coffee shop products.